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It was a truly exciting experience!

Cleveland Cultural Gardens in 2019

Our first International Music Competition we have organized in Cleveland Cultural Gardens in 2019 under the name One World Day in Cleveland Cultural Gardens.
The  Laureates Concert has been held in the beautiful Syrian Garden. We accepted other instruments at this time but later decided to concentrate on vocal and piano and add Gala concert prior to Laureates concert.  

OWD tropheys.JPG
OWD tropheys.JPG

Trophies for 1st, 2nd,
3rd places and
Grand Prize

Beautiful harp music sounded at the Laureates Concert

OWD Music Competition - Harp player, Gala.jpg
OWD tropheys.JPG
1.One World Day Music Competition in Cleveland Cultural Gardens 2019. Gala in Syrian Garde

 In iconic Syrian Cultural Garden

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