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Uniqueness of The Stars of Summer
International Piano & Vocal Competition & Festival

Breaking Down the Innovative Concept
In the world of music competitions,
The Stars of Summer International Piano & Vocal
Competition & Festival stands out as a unique and
innovative event that offers young musicians
opportunities like no other. This competition, held in the beautiful settingof the Cleveland
Cultural Gardens, has redefined the traditional music
competition concept, and here's why:

A Talent Agency and Producers in One
One of the most distinctive aspects of The Stars of Summer is that it functions not just as a
competition but as both a talent agency and a producer of exceptional musical performances. The main prize for participants is the chance to perform at
One World Day, a festival that draws a staggering 55,000 attendees.

Winners earn the right to entertain the public, putting their hard
work into practice on a grand stage.
In 2023, participants had the privilege of entertaining the festival's audience in the stunning
Italian Cultural Garden for a remarkable four hours, divided into different time slots.
Many were eager to perform multiple times.
Participants hailed from states such as Illinois and North
Carolina, showcasing the competition's national appeal.
The festival also featured piano concerts performed by Snowbelt Symphony Orchestra under
baton of maestro Greg Hillis three times, each with different soloists,
adding to the richness and diversity of the musical program.


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Invitations to Partner Productions
Winning The Stars of Summer is not just about the competition itself.
It opens doors to unique opportunities in the world of music.
Participants may be invited to join partner productions, such as opera performances and orchestral concerts, effectively launching them into the professional realm.
In 2023, one of the highlights was an extraordinary performance by an eight-year-old
pianist Spencer Zhang who secured the Grand Prix.
This young prodigy had the honor of performing in the
Opera in the Italian Garden concert with a rich history dating back
to 1930 and the audience of almost three thousand people.
Continuation on Partner Stages
The Stars of Summer isn't just a one-time event. It provides young musicians with a chance to
continue their musical journey on partner stages. After participating in the competition's first
round, winners have the opportunity to advance and perform in finals held by partner
organizations on the distinguished stages, including the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York
City and prestigious venues in London. This continuity nurtures their growth as artists and
broadens their horizons.


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Unique Opportunities
The Stars of Summer isn't just about competition; it's about nurturing and expanding young
talent. It offers a range of unique opportunities, including:
1. Performing with an Orchestra: A select group of participants gets the chance to
perform with an orchestra in several concerts. This early exposure to orchestral
collaboration is invaluable for budding musicians.
2. Piano Concertos of Moderate Difficulty: The competition selects a Concerto-of-the-
Year by composers featured in the NFMC (National Federation of Music Clubs) bulletin.
This challenges participants and broadens their repertoire. They can use NFMC repertoire
to compete in the American Composers Category which promotes American Composers
to the broad public.
3. Meeting Living Classics: The competition provides the rare chance to meet and learn
from living classical music legends.
4. Hearing Live Classics: Audiences get to witness live performances by celebrated
classical musicians, bringing them closer to the heart of the art form.
High Potential for Special Prizes
Winning special prizes is a significant part of The Stars of Summer.
The Grand Prix, for instance, includes not only the top winner but also runners-up,
determined by total points rather than a commission's decision.
Italian music prize and Ukrainian prize motivate young musicians
to learn about the culture and perform beautiful music.
Additionally, the competition features the
unique Musicats Prize, celebrating compositions about cats.
These special prizes encourages both novice and experienced performers and enjoy
generous sponsorship.
Sponsors also have the opportunity to establish their own prizes, contributing to the
competition's vibrant and supportive community. The distribution of awards is carefully
organized, with multiple categories ensuring a fair playing field for all.


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A Joint Production with CCGF World On Stage
Starting in 2022, The Stars of Summer has collaborated with CCGF World On Stage to create a unique production.
This partnership showcases the works of various teachers and includes guest
artist performances, captivating dance presentations, and a multicultural
flavor in the choice of music.
In 2023, the International Music Night Gala event featured a Cleveland premier of the
Irish Poem by composer Alexander Peskanov who played piano part alongside his wife,
renowned flutist Lu-Ann Peskanov and Snowbelt Symphony orchestra.
The Centennial Peace Plaza of the Cultural Gardens sets the stage for the Gala concert.
National Press Recognition
The Stars of Summer has earned recognition from the national press, further cementing its
reputation as an innovative and influential event in the world of classical music.
In summary, The Stars of Summer International Piano & Vocal Competition & Festival isn't
your typical music competition. It's a platform that offers young musicians a pathway to
professionalism, providing them with extraordinary opportunities to perform, collaborate, and
grow in the world of classical music. Its unique blend of competition, partnership, and
performance makes it a standout event on the musical calendar, and its impact extends far
beyond the competition stage.

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