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Celebrating Culture and Music: Jayden Sun and Stars of Summer Int.

Celebrating Culture and Music: Jayden Sun and Stars of Summer Int. Piano & Vocal Competition & Festival's Journey with Cleveland Maidan Association

The Stars of Summer Int. Piano & Vocal Competition & Festival is an annual event that brings young musicians together from around the world to showcase their talent and passion for music. In the summer of 2022, Jayden Sun, young musician from Ellicott City, MD, had the opportunity to participate in this prestigious event held in Cleveland, Ohio. What made Jayden's experience even more special was the chance to learn about the culture of struggling Ukraine, perform a Ukrainian Concerto with an orchestra, and receive a unique award from Drs. Taras and Natalia Mahlay, members of the leadership team of the Cleveland Maidan Association - artistic Easter eggs known as Ukrainian Pysankas. In this blog post, we will delve into Jayden's journey and the significance of this cultural exchange through music.

Jayden's journey with the Stars of Summer Int. Piano & Vocal Competition & Festival was not just about music but also about celebrating culture and fostering connections. As Jayden’s father, Mr. Bo Sun said: "Jayden, a rising first grader at the time, was lucky enough to be invited to the Stars of Summer Int. Piano & Vocal Competition & Festival last summer. His dad took him on a 6-hour road trip from his hometown Ellicott City MD all the way to Cleveland, a beautiful city with lots of places to go. This was his first time working together with other musicians in a concerto setting and everything, from the rehearsal to the performance, was new to him. There was an idiom in Chinese that translates to "traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books" which I think best depicts this wonderful experience. In the end, what could be a better reward than a painted egg from Ukrainian people! He loved it so much that he put it at the center on his trophy shelf."

Sponsorship by Drs. Taras and Natalia Mahlay who committed to continue their support by sponsoring the Ukrainian Prize at the 4th Annual competition in 2023 is greatly appreciated. This sponsorship not only provides recognition and encouragement to the participants who excelled in Ukrainian music, but also highlights the importance of cultural exchange through music. The tradition of embracing different cultures through music at the Stars of Summer continues to inspire and promote cross-cultural understanding among young musicians, showcasing the beauty of diversity in our world.

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