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How The Stars of Summer Competition Works: A Hybrid Format with Equal Opportunities for Young Musici

Are you interested in participating in The Stars of Summer International Piano and Vocal competition, but unsure of what to expect? We understand that it can be difficult to navigate the world of music competitions, which is why we want to provide some clarity on the format of our event.

The Stars of Summer competition is a hybrid event, with the main tour taking place online. This format creates an equal opportunity for all young musicians, both locally and internationally, to take part in the competition and compete for the prizes. Participants are required to submit a video of their performance by the July 20th deadline, which is then reviewed and evaluated by our expert panel of judges.

But what happens after the judges have made their decisions? The laureates of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes have an incredible opportunity to perform in front of a live audience during our two main concerts in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. The Gala concert, which is part of the World on Stage series, takes place on August 19th, and the Laureates concert, which is part of the One World Day Festival, takes place on August 28th.

And starting from 2022, The Stars of Summer offers an even more exciting opportunity for its participants. Selected winners in the Piano Concerto nomination have the honor to perform with an orchestra during both the Gala and the Laureates concerts. This makes The Stars of Summer unique and a truly unforgettable experience for all involved.

The competition is open to both vocalists and pianists, and in 2021, our Grand Prix winner was Teimur Kazimov Ramil Ogly from Azerbaijan, who competed in Vocal Classical and earned 103 points. He also received invitations from judges Joyce Mariani, Maria Ludko, and Eugenia Terentieva, as well as the Grant of Geauga West Rotary Club ($250).

We hope this clarifies the format of The Stars of Summer competition and encourages you to consider participating in this incredible event. Don't miss your chance to showcase your talents and potentially perform with an orchestra in front of a live audience!

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