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Spotlight on the Winners: Benjamin Wei

The Stars of Summer International Piano and Vocal Competition has produced some incredibly talented young musicians over the years, and we're thrilled to spotlight one of our standout performers, Benjamin Wei.

Benjamin is no stranger to The Stars of Summer competition, having participated in both 2019 and 2021. But it was in 2022 that Benjamin truly shone, winning first prize in the Piano Concerto nomination and becoming a runner-up for the Grand Prix.

For Benjamin, participating in The Stars of Summer has been a life-changing experience. "I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that The Stars of Summer competition has given me," Benjamin said. "Through competing in these past three years, I have gained experience in pushing myself to become the best pianist I can be. It has also granted me the experience of playing a concerto with a live orchestra, a completely new experience for me. The Stars of Summer is one of few competitions that have shaped myself into who I am as a pianist."

Born on July 27, 2007, Benjamin is not only a talented pianist but also a skilled programmer and video game enthusiast. In 2021, he won first prize for a classical or modern piece at The Stars of Summer competition. In 2022, he submitted his entry in the Piano Concerto nomination and wowed the judges with his performance of the Ukrainian Concerto by A. Peskanov.

We're proud to have had Benjamin as a participant in our competition and can't wait to see where his talent takes him next. Congratulations, Benjamin Wei!

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