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Stars of Summer International Competition and Festival.

The Stars of Summer International Competition and Festival offers young musicians from around the world a unique opportunity to showcase their talents and compete on an international stage.


This year, we are proud to announce the fifth annual Stars of Summer International Piano Competition and Festival at the Cleveland Cultural Garden! This vibrant event will be a true celebration for all lovers of music and the arts.

Unique opportunities for young musicians


The Stars of Summer competition and festival create ideal conditions for young performers to unleash their creative potential. Participants have a chance not only to show their skills, but also to get valuable advice from professionals, expand their connections in the music industry and get recognized on the international stage.


Benefits of participation


    International recognition: The competition provides a platform to perform in front of a wide audience and a distinguished jury of internationally renowned musicians and educators.

    Professional development: Participants receive constructive feedback to help them improve and develop their musical career.

    Awards and prizes: Top performers will be awarded prestigious prizes and certificates that will be a great addition to their portfolio.

    Cultural exchange: The festival promotes the exchange of cultural experience between musicians from different countries, which enriches their creative and professional baggage.




The Cleveland Cultural Garden is the perfect venue for such a large-scale event. Its picturesque scenery and rich history create an inspiring atmosphere for all festival participants and guests.

Join the Stars of Summer!


If you are a young musician striving for new heights, don't miss the chance to be part of this unforgettable event. Apply for the fifth annual Stars of Summer International Piano and Vocal Competition and Festival and take a step towards your dream!


Visit our official website for more information and registration.

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